That’s that (CD 14)

IUI was this morning, all went well, my awesome nurse had a very easy time of it, thankfully. The DS numbers were rockstar. Over 60 million total and 60% motility. CM was good as well.

Then we had lunch at my new favorite restaurant. The hubs had a butternut goat cheese pizza, it was sublime. It was fire roasted, so the crust was deliciously crispy, the “sauce” was a butternut squash purée, then there were cooked apples, bacon, and goat and mozzarella cheeses all topped off with fried sage. Unbelievably amazing! I had a sausage and meatball with spinach ricotta and mozzarella. Not quite as good, but still pretty damned good.

Anyway, the Endometrin starts tomorrow morning, along with the waiting.



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4 responses to “That’s that (CD 14)

  1. Jem

    60 million? Really? Wow!!! That’s an amazing count. Our DS was only 32M and we were all impressed. Beats the heck out of Mr Jem’s 8. Yes, 8.

    Sending you tons of good donor IUI juju!

  2. sarah

    Thinking of you! Waiting suuucks! But I am glad the IUI went well, and I am hoping it works this time for you guys.

  3. Still thinking of you!! 🙂

  4. FCblacksheep

    Wanted to throw tons of good vibes your way and say I hope all is going well.

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