Post Holidays

So, we made it through… Mostly. We still haven’t been down to see the hubs family for Christmas, we have to be down there in the same town for his work this week, but they can’t/don’t want to do it then, sooooo… We will I suppose have to drive down a different time.

Anyway, a quick wrap-up on the last cycle, it was IUI #7, and lucky it was not. I was feeling really good about it, and then the first night we got to my parents and my progesterone was really late, and I saw red, I knew it was over. It got more prevalent as the Beta got closer (Wednesday, we got in on Saturday night), to the point where I emailed my nurse and said I would go to the beta, but she didn’t need to bother with calling me with the results.

But I think the major distraction of being with my family, being crazy busy with the Etsy shop, and it being the holidays in general kept me sane and distracted enough to be ok with the failed cycle.

Seeing the family was awesome!! I spent a ton of time with my mom, most of which she was helping me with the Etsy shipments, but we also went thrift storing, played cards, made Christmas cookies, set up my grandma’s Christmas decorations, and otherwise hung out.

I have been taking issue with my brother as of late, all of that is gone. The last time we were there he was pretty much a dick, but he is a totally different person now. He was polite, conversational, interesting and interested in our lives, too. His wife, still kind of a dick, but I can live with that, she’s not related to me.

And then, there is my nephew. He us a pretty cool little dude!! He knew who the hubs and I were, we let him warm up to us on his own time, but it didn’t take long. He is a trip. I know the next one probably is going to be the hellion, but neph-one is a keeper.

Also a keeper, the hubs. He was so great with my family, he was fun and went to all the silly little parties and dinners. He was awesome, and?? I think he liked it there. šŸ™‚ I love you so much, my baby!!


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