Tonight’s The Night (CD 12)

Well my Estrogen shot up to 450, and Dr. Awesome found a 19 and a 15 this morning on the abdominal ultrasound, so she wants me to trigger tonight, our dIUI is scheduled for Wednesday at 11.

I am a little surprised, but really ready! This cycle has felt pretty low-key, the way I usually feel when I am doing Follistim has been much less, less cranky, less leg soreness, less sweats. So maybe that’s a good thing. I guess we will see in 2 weeks. 🙂


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Nada (CD 7)

Is what my body has done in the last 4 days of shooting up drugs. My estrogen went up 6 points to a whopping 47. I know it’s still early but damn. The silver lining is that I don’t have to go in again until Monday. The Dr Awesome called me with the results and was going to up the dosage to 175 IU, but called me back about 2 minutes after we hung up and said, on second thought, do 150 since it’s still early, you’re going the whole weekend without monitoring, and you responded to this dosage last cycle. I like the caution, I am ok with that plan. She is doing my US on Monday personally, so we may be able to get somewhere then. Let’s hope.

On another note, we went to see The Muppets tonight, it was amazeballs!!! If you are in my age group, you will love it. If you were into the Muppets at all. I have many a fond memory of Sunday afternoons at my grandmas on the floor with my Hostess cinnamon roll in front of The Muppets, it made all of that come back. It made me laugh, it made me cry. Amazeballs.

Happy Thanksgiving Blogland.

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Thanksgiving (CD 6)

This year I am thankful that we have our precious puppy, Lil Bit, I’m thankful for my amazing husband, and I’m thankful that we have really great doctors doing whatever they can to help us have our family.  I am thankful for the opportunity to cycle, even when it fails.  I am thankful for the hope to continue on and cycle this month.

I spent today shipping out orders for our Etsy shop, and then cooking.  I made cranberry sauce (from scratch (1 single serve bottle of OJ, 3/4 cup of sugar and a bag of cranberries.  Cook, that easy and crazy delicious) and a batch of tomato sauce (a LOT more involved, but still pretty easy).  Tonight I will do my 4th shot, and tomorrow I go in for the first check-up.  We are heading to Connecticut on Thursday and possibly staying overnight for Thanksgiving to be with the hub’s family.  I am making a lasagna with the sauce that I am making right now.  I’m very excited about Thanksgiving.  I love the parade, the feast, the time with family.

I am also SO looking forward to Christmas, we are going to be spending a couple of weeks with my family in the midwest.  This will be the first Christmas in 3 years we have spent with my family.  I am super excited, but I’m really hoping no one busts out the old, “So when are you two going to have a kid.”  I know they are family, but that is an intensely personal question that probably shouldn’t be touched.  I haven’t come up with my answer yet.  I want one that won’t necessarily out us, but will keep people at bay, and from asking more questions.  Tough….  Although I have thought about just saying “Well, as soon as my body is physically able to produce offspring, you will be the first on my list to tell!”  I know that wouldn’t be the most appropriate.  Anyone have any good lines?

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Shooting Up (CD 3)

So it turns out that the meds weren’t the only snafu. The Dr put my blood tests into the system wrong, and the didn’t check my estrogen or progesterone, just did a pregnancy test. So when I called in to figure out what they wanted me to do last night, they had no idea and had to have the weekend doc look at my levels today.

Well, I got the call from the Dr. today and she said my E2 and progesterone levels were fine to start stimming. So I shot up tonight! 🙂 I am doing 150 IU of Follistim again. My first monitoring would normally be Thursday, but was moved up to Wednesday because of the holiday, so we’re off!


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Here we go again… (CD 2)

Yep, you read that right, I got my period on Wednesday and we’re off to the races.  I sent a crazy person e-mail to my nurse at the RE’s office that day saying something along the lines of I might have my period, I’m not sure, then proceeding to spit out a numbered list of every question I’ve ever had. When she called me, I said, “So, you must really think that I’m crazy…” she neither agreed nor disagreed.

So my concerns were broken down to three categories, Insurance, Drugs, and Timing (always the same, basically.  I wanted to make sure that the preauthorizations were still good with my insurance company to go on with this cycle, they were not.  I wanted to try to make sure that I could get my drugs without 900 phone calls, I did NOT, and I wanted to see if she thought we would get the IUI in before my trip to the homeland (LOL, not really, just the midwest) for the holidays on December 7…  She thinks so, but she also told me that the insurance and drug stuff was all taken care of…  BWAHAHAH!

So my fight with the pharmacy continued yesterday.  I ordered my refills on Wednesday to be delivered by/on Friday, they said no problem, someone will call to set up delivery.  I waited around until 2 pm yesterday, when no one had yet called me, I called them…  “Oh, well, we don’t have clearance from the insurance to release them.”  To which I curtly replied, “You ARE the insurance company.”  We can of course, only get injectable drugs through our insurance company’s specialty pharmacy.  Soooo, I pushed a little harder, but I didn’t want her to send me bum meds, so I backed off.  I called my nurse.  She said she had already faxed over the preauthorization early that morning, sooo I called the Insurance Company back.  When I was told by the (get this:) Injectable Medicine Preauthorization Department that they didn’t have the preauth, the Doctor’s office would have to call them.  I said, “No, I just talked to the Doctor’s office, they sent you the paperwork early this morning.  I’m not going to make them do more work that they have already done.”  Silence and peck peck peck on the computer on the other end.  About 40 seconds later, she thinks that it was faxed to the wrong department, and proceeds to put me on hold for like 3 minutes.  When she comes back, she tells me, “Nope, we got it this morning, but misplaced it and no one put it into the system…” OK…  This is now 3 pm, the order has to be on the UPS truck by 6 pm.

She tells me that someone will push it through the system, and to call back in an hour and a half.  I had to run errands at that point, so when I was pulling in an hour and a half later, my nurse called me to tell me that they got the paperwork back saying the preauthorization was cleared.  So I called the pharmacy back (call #5 at this point), they told me someone would call me soon.  I waited another HOUR (5:30 pm if you’re keeping score), called again.  Just when I reached an actual person, someone called me, so I promptly hung up on the operator that I had just reached and scheduled my delivery, which, thankfully, did arrive this morning!

My scan this morning was interesting as always.  Dr. Piano couldn’t find my ovaries with wandy, so switched to the abdominal probe.  She said she was going to check with my doctor to see if it was ok to go off of that only, but she was fairly confident that the cysts of 2 months ago were gone.

Now I’m just waiting for the call, I might be starting meds already tonight!

Here’s hoping that I’ve already had my snafoo for this cycle!  Where can I find some of those lucky socks people are always talking about? 🙂


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Still hanging out waiting for my body to do something. I had some spotting today, but AF hasn’t come knocking.

I have been swamped with quilting. I want to finish 2 more (in addition to one from yesterday) quilts this week, ambitious but doable.

I have been eating like crap for about a week now, and have to rededicate to the cleanse, but just can’t seem to climb on board again.

We are headed to my parents in about 3 weeks for Christmas, I am excited, but weary of seeing my brothers kid and his pregnant wife. And I don’t know how I will handle the inevitable “when are you guys having a kid” question. Plus oh so much packing. 🙂

Let’s just get through Thanksgiving first, though right?!

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What Do You Know?

Well, my body it seems, knows very little about what it is supposed to do…. I went in for some WTF blood work this morning since my pills ended almost two weeks ago and I still haven’t seen AF

Well, apparently those 2 days of spotting was her because now I am mid-cycle, my estrogen is over 100, a feat that my body couldn’t even get to with clomid before. But, I guess it is to be considered good news, right? I am mid cycle. No idea how we got here, though!!


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