May 2007- DH and I meet
October 2007- DH and move in together
January 2008- We “pull the goalie” so to speak
April 2008- Married my DH
June 2008- First trip to gyn #1, reassured to relax and keep trying
July 2008- Moved and notice cycles being strange
November 2008- Visit/consult with gyn #2, sent for ultrasound, blood work, DH sent for SA. Comes back “normal” for me. No sperm found for DH, referred to urologist. Told to wait three months and retest
December 2008- Shuffled around the gyn practice told I should start metformin, which I do
February 2009- DH redoes SA. I find gyn #3, officially diagnosed PCOS. SA comes back 0 urologist referrs DH to specialist. Gyn referrs me to RE
March 2009- We wait for appointments at both specialists.
April 2009- We go on vacation for the first week of the month to celebrate our anniversary
May 2009- DH gets TESE done, no sperm found. We get very sad. We decide to move forward with DS
June-July 2009- Our mandatory “chill out” time to fully consider using DS. We also meet with the counsellor to assess our readyness
August 2009- We work with Nurse Sperm and scour the SB’s for our donor
September 2009- We are gone for 2 weeks, order DS while we are out of town
October 2009- AF arrives and we start our first Clomid cycle
November 2009- Very sick for first IUI. Cycle fails when AF arrives 13 dp IUI. Start cycle #2.
December 2009- Feel great about cycle #2, after 100 mg then immediate 150 mg step-up of Clomid, develop two large follies, trigger ovulation and crowded but successful IUI
January 2010- Cycle fails, AF arrives 14 dp IUI. Go into funk, but still start cycle with 150 mg Clomid. See councellor again and realize I am having bad side-effects from Clomid, immediate 150 mg step-up after no significant follies develop. Third IUI attempted after one follie develops
February 2010- Cycle fails after AF arrives 15 dp IUI. Decide to take a month off, regroup, consult.
March 2010- Month off is not really a month off, spent preping for first injectable cycle
April 2010- Started injectables had a mature follie at day 7! Triggered and then did IUI on Day 9
May 2010- second injectable cycle, IUI failed, decided to take a TTC break for the summer
July 2010- Moved to Boston
August 2010- Consult at new clinic
September-December 2010- A lot of beating my head against the wall and being made to feel bad about myself, then search for a new clinic
January 2011- Found new clinic, met with Dr Awesome for the first time.
April 2011- second SIS confirmed polyps.
July 2011- Hysteroscopy to remove what turned out to be three polyps.
August/Septmber 2011- Cycling again w/ injectables and dIUI.
September 2011- Started injectable dIUI cycle. (cycle #6)
September 19, dIUI #6.


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